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October 16 – 22, 2012

NOW MORE THAN EVER!!! This was back on October 15,1952. These intrepid Democrats were standing on Pacific across from Leask’s Department Store (and the Rittenhouse Building) at Pacific and Church Streets. According to the photographer’s notes they were about to embark on a trip to San Francisco to hear Adlai speak.

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DEMOCRAT PARTY PRESS RELEASE. I’m not sure if everyone saw this press release but it’s typical McPherson sleaze that’s spreading faster than good folks can control…


Statement from SC County Democratic Party Chair

October 8, 2012 – Recently, the McPherson campaign has passed out campaign materials to voters in which he seems to imply that he is either a Democrat or is endorsed by the Democratic Party. Neither is true. Eric Hammer was unanimously endorsed by the Santa Cruz Democratic Central Committee in April. Eric not only has the support of the local Central Committee, he has also been endorsed by virtually every prominent Democrat including John Burton, the State Party Chair, as well as Congressman Sam Farr, Assembly Members Bill Monning and Luis Alejo, and many others. Mr. McPherson on the other hand was a lifelong Republican until he changed his party affiliation to “decline to state” a few days after the June primary. Mr. McPherson should be proud of his lifelong affiliation with the Republican Party and not send out literature implying he has the support of the Democratic Party. Sincerely, Michael Breeden Chair, Santa Cruz County Democratic Central Committee, 831 905-2146.

MORE MC PHERSON MUCK. A friend sent me a 231 page research report from the political research team of Koenig & Dorsey that was done back in 1995 when McPherson was running for State Senate up in Sacramento. I wish I could print or even link to it here. It details his Sentinel editorials, his votes against women, children, labor, education, gun control, seniors, environment, abortion, his campaign contributions from corporations and his acceptance of their money, his real estate involvements, his votes for the medical industry…on and on throughout his entire career.

How any thinking Democrats, especially local Democrats, can possibly support this weasel is way beyond me. His brother Fred however, is a great guy. You may remember that I worked for them for six months writing my column back in the day. But then I called Charlie (Boardwalk) Canfield “greedy” because he didn’t want to pay the same business taxes as the rest of the Santa Cruz businesses, and I was fired immediately. John Robinson (Lynn’s husband) worked at the Sentinel at the same time. He of course went on to get Canfield’s support of Lynn’s campaign and I guess is still President & CEO of California Attractions & Parks Association and is in Sacramento.

P.S. Kris Reyes (Ryan Coonerty’s buddy and the Boardwalk’s Community Relations director) is C.A.P.A’s director of external affairs.

LONDON’S TUBE & FUNNY NOTICES. You gotta admire the Brits, their sense of humor, and perseverance. Check this out


Candidates answer questions on transportation issues

The Campaign for Sensible Transportation asked questions of local candidates running for election in November, including those running for 5th District Supervisor, and those running for City Councils in both Santa Cruz and Capitola. We received answers from all of the candidates running for Santa Cruz City Council, one candidate for Capitola City Council and one of the two candidates running 5th District County Supervisor, Eric Hammer.

The other 5th District Supervisor candidate, Bruce Mc Pherson, failed to respond even though follow up requests were made.

You can see all the questions and responses at , as well as a scoring made by the Campaign, based on how answers matched our goals for the future of transportation in our County. Those candidates elected in November will most likely serve on the Regional Transportation Commission and the SCCMTD Board, the governing agencies that decide for us what we’ll see in our transportation future. Take a close look at the responses of the candidates and see how their views on this important issue line up with yours.

(Paul Elerick is co-chair, along with Peter Scott, of the Campaign for Sensible Transportation , and is a member of Nisene 2 Sea, a group of open space advocates).

PATTON’S PROGRAM. Gary in his daily shot on KUSP and here, reveals problems with De-Sal in Monterey and possible public ownership. He tells of the County Board Of Supes meeting in Watsonville to deal with severe problems with the Pajaro River and the levee. Later he tells about Fort Ord issues and maybe a cemetery and a “Horse Park“. Supervisor John Leopold’s Transportation Corridor (Soquel Drive) is a big topic and Gary closes with praising the Ventana Wilderness Alliance’s Wild And Scenic Film Festival which happens on Oct. 25. I couldn’t agree more. It’s a great 3 hour collection of truly inspiring “get involved” environmental films…De-Sal opponents should not miss this!! (Gary Patton is “Of Counsel” to the Santa Cruz law firm of Wittwer & Parkin, which specializes in land use and environmental law. The opinions expressed are Mr. Patton’s. Gary has his own website, “Two Worlds / 365”

LENNY BRUCE IN PERFORMANCE. I was lucky to see Lenny Bruce perform many times…this isn’t typical of his later work, but still great.

WILD & SCENIC FILM FESTIVAL. As a benefit for the Ventana Wilderness Alliance you should definitely see the eleven films (three hours total) at The Del Mar on Thursday October 25 from 7-10p.m. Protecting the environment, organizing, getting involved, saving the earth, cartoons, victory parties like saving Mono Lake…very inspirational. I’ve seen them all and rate them 5 stars. “Renowned conservationist” Gary Patton hosts the program…and every de-sal opponent should be there. Tickets at Patagonia Outlet or online at or call 831-423 3191.

VINTAGE DE CINZO. DeCinzo questions the meaning of life in the abstract…look below.

EAGANS DEEP COVER. Tim Eagan reflects on the debates, the races and looks ahead !!! Scroll downwards…to the end of the column.


Saul Landau is an Institute for Policy Studies fellow whose films are on DVD from

LISA JENSEN LINKS. “This week at Lisa Jensen Online Express (, catch the aloha spirit at the 24th annual Pacific Rim Film Festival, meet one adorable, reanimated pooch in Tim Burton’s doggy-centric Frankenweenie, and find a few more artists worth seeking out for the last weekend of the Open Studios Art Tour. Lisa has been writing film reviews and columns for Good Times since 1975.

THE REAL ARGO vs. the REEL ARGO. Check out this link to the real story then be sure to see Argo asap.

ARGO. Alan Arkin and John Goodman are big helps to actor and director Ben Affleck

in this exciting and preposterous film based on facts. You must know by now that it’s about getting some American govt. employees out of the US Embassy in Tehran. They create a fake very Hollywood film crew and fool everybody. It’s tense, well directed, neatly acted…and in case you wondered (spoiler alert here) ARGO stands for “Ar-Go fuck your self”. It’s the funniest, and most often repeated, line in the film. Go see this fine piece of work.

PAPERBOY. Somebody called this film trash, and it is. It wallows in being TRASH. Nicole Kidman is a trashy whorish, peroxidey Barbie, Mathew McConaughey is a trashy, slimy, masochist, John Cusack is a trashy murderer and Zac Efron is of course very clean. If you can see it knowing it’s trash, it’s a great film. Much fun, over the top, gutsy, wild style, a class of its own…I liked it.

SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS. How can a movie starring Christopher Walken, Tom Waits, Woody Harrelson, Colin Farrell and Sam Rockwell which tries so hard to copy Quentin Tarantino’s early films be so bad? It’s been getting good critics reviews but it’s gross when it should have been clever, it’s crude when it needed precision. No finesse!

FILM CRITICISM. Unlike most critics and film fans I didn’t care much for Moonrise Kingdom or Exotic Marigold Hotel. As I’ve been saying for years, look around, find a critic you like and stay there. I realized last week that for me Joe Morgenstern who writes for The Wall Street Journal is a critic I agree with a lot. Check out what HE says about “Argo” and “Seven Psychopaths” …I agree.

HOSTETTER’S HOT STUFF. Mr. Paul Hostetter shares…

“Hey folks –BluePrint in SF, Sri. Mysore Nagaraj & Dr. Mysore Manjunath in Milpitas, Ross Daly and company (Labyrinth-Teslim-Kitka, meaning Ross Daly & Kelly Thoma, Teslim (Kaila Flexer and Gari Hegedus) with bassist Miles Jay, and Kitka) up and down the state, Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin in Oakland, Sonny Landreth in Live Oak, Patrice Maginnis, Michele Rivard, Sheila Willey and pianist Michael McGushin in Santa Cruz, the noted Bulgarian band Kabilé nearly everywhere, Ensemble Basiani from Georgia (the other one), and MacArthur Genius Chris Thile and his band, the Punch Brothers. More to come, and pertinent details as usual right here: Hope to see you at one of these. ph

UNIVERSAL GRAPEVINE. Each and every Tuesday from 7:00-8:00 p.m. I host Universal Grapevine on KZSC 88.1 fm. or on your computer (live only, or sometimes old programs are archived…(see next paragraph) and go to WWW.KZSC.ORG.

The October 16th Grapevine has Catherine Segurson talking about The Catamaran Literary Reader then Richard Popchak discusses The Ventana Wilderness Alliance. “Film Festival”. Tuesday, October 23rd means the Bi-annual KZSC Pledge Drive with County Supervisor John Leopold returning as special guest co-host. Professional political advisor Bruce Van Allen talks about the area’s politics and makes guesses on October 30. Celia and Peter Scott talk about the last 5 decades of local City and County politics on Election Night (November 6th) followed by retiring City Council member Katherine Beiers who wraps up her political career. Linda Bixby and Jimmy Cook will discuss child placement and the local CASA organization on November 13.Bookshop Santa Cruz Young Writers contest winners read their works for the full hour November 27. Do remember, any and all suggestions for future programs are more than welcome so tune in, and keep listening. Email me always at

UNIVERSAL GRAPEVINE ARCHIVES. In case you missed some of the great people I’ve interviewed in the last 5 years here’s a chronological list of just this year’s podcasts. Click here then tap on “listen here” to hear any or all of them… all over again. The update includes Nikki Silva, Michael Warren, Tom Noddy, Anita Monga, Mark Wainer, Judy Johnson-Darrow, Wendy Mayer-Lochtefeld, Rachel Goodman, George Newell, Tubten Pende, Gina Marie Hayes, Rebecca Ronay-Hazleton, Miriam Ellis, Deb Mc Arthur, The Great Morgani on Street performing, Paul Whitworth on Krapps Last Tape. Jodi McGraw on Sandhills, Bruce Daniels on area water problems. Mike Pappas on the Olive Connection, Sandy Lydon on County History. Paul Johnston on political organizing, Rick Longinotti on De-Sal. Dan Haifley on Monterey Bay Sanctuary, Dan Harder on Santa Cruz City Museum. Sara Wilbourne on Santa Cruz Ballet Theatre. Brian Spencer on SEE Theatre Co. Paula Kenyon and Karen Massaro on MAH and Big Creek Pottery. Carolyn Burke on Edith Piaf. Peggy Dolgenos on Cruzio. Julie James on Jewel Theatre Conpany. Then there’s Pat Matejcek on environment, Nancy Abrams and Joel Primack on the Universe plus Nina Simon from MAH, Rob Slawinski, Gary Bascou, Judge Paul Burdick, John Brown Childs, Ellen Kimmel, Don Williams, Kinan Valdez, Ellen Murtha, John Leopold, Karen Kefauver, Chip Lord, Judy Bouley, Rob Sean Wilson, Ann Simonton, Lori Rivera, Sayaka Yabuki, Chris Kinney, Celia and Peter Scott, Chris Krohn, David Swanger, Chelsea Juarez…and that’s just since January 2011. Hear them all!!!

QUOTES. “When women kiss it always reminds me of boxers shaking hands”, H.L. Mencken. “Hypocrisy is the Vaseline of social intercourse“, J.R. Newman. “If you wait long enough beside the river, you will see the bodies of your enemies float by“, Ying Chu


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