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January 3 – 9, 2024

Highlights this week:

Bratton…Capitola and floods, Measure M voting and supporting. Greensite…on the Last Stop for the Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf. Steinbruner…Aptos Village Park and Swenson. Hayes…still in Ecuador. Patton…COP out? Matlock…nighty night to the beknighteds. Eagan…Subconscious Comics and Deep Cover. Webmistress…pick of the week. Quotes….”New Years”


CAPITOLA, CIRCA 1913. Here we see, in this Ole Ravnos photo, a trolley crossing the trestle. In the same time frame, the Southern Pacific Railroad used the same trestle. According to Carolyn Swift’s book, Ravnos staged the boats and the locals – just for the photos.

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photo credit: Covello & Covello Historical photo collection.

DATELINE January 1, 2024

CAROLYN SWIFT ON CAPITOLA AND STORMS. Carolyn Swift was the Capitola City Museum Director and knows more about the devastation in that city than anyone I know. She wrote this piece for a note in FB. I’m re-printing it here to get more of us thinking about city growth and planning. Hopefully the recent storms will awaken our developers and planners. She writes…

“High tides and storm surges are again in the news for New Years. As is the custom, people are amazed such things will happen. We’ve seen photos of 1926 Capitola and pre-development Rio Del Mar and Pajaro Dunes, to illustrate one simple reality. These areas were developed for residence in the summer. Originally, none of them were considered for year-round occupation. They are all near streams that tend to flood and an ocean that gets pushy in the winter. We have always known this, and yet, we act with anguish and dismay, year after year, saying, “I’ve never before seen anything like this!” If one takes a glimpse back in old newspapers, even to the 1870s, folks have been saying the same thing all along. We don’t seem to learn that some places along the coast aren’t meant to be “home” in the off-season, like now. Furthermore, we have this irresistible urge to go down to the beach to touch toes with the big waves. Stand really close, daring the sea to wash us away. And it does”.

MEASURE M. 60 DAYS LEFT FOR YES VOTE ON MEASURE M…PLEASE DONATE NOW!! I’m not convinced that enough locals understand the consequences and depth of Measure M. I asked Keresha Durham-Tamba, Bilingual Educator, and Environmental-Climate Activist to give us a summary of what M’s purpose and goals are, she wrote…

“This is a pivotal moment for Santa Cruz. The current City Council voted to raise building heights downtown and South of Laurel to TWELVE stories, twice as high as the new building at Front and Laurel.   “More” and “Higher” doesn’t mean more truly affordable housing for working families.  New units downtown are NOT being built for our kids nor essential workers, with rents of $4K per month!

Measure M (formerly known as the “Housing-For-People – NOT unaffordable high-rises!” initiative) will allow us to respond to our housing crisis in a way that makes sense for Santa Cruz and a city of our size.  We have had overwhelming community support – hundreds of Santa Cruzans have volunteered and we collected over three thousand more signatures than we needed, in half the time given!

Measure M will require a vote of the people before the General Plan or Zoning Ordinance can be amended to raise building height limits. It will give the same protection to every part of the city, to protect our neighborhoods too!  Our height limits under current zoning are already high! – 5 to 8 stories downtown and 2 to 3 stories in neighborhoods!

If enacted by the voters, Measure M will accomplish TWO simple things:

#1.) Require the city to get voter approval before height limits can be raised to allow oversized, high-rise developments anywhere in the city, downtown or in our neighborhoods.

#2.) Increase the number of affordable housing units that big developers must provide, from 20% to 25% for projects of over 30 units, as the City Planning Commission researched and recommended.

Measure M is facing enormous and well-funded opposition from out-of-town developers and their allies.  We NEED your financial assistance now to run a successful campaign. With only 60 days left before we vote on March 5, 2024, the sooner you donate the better. Another incentive to donate soon is we have matching funds.

Our fundraising goal is $50,000. This money will be used for our online presence, campaign materials, advertising, professional assistance and to rally residents to vote.

Make as generous a contribution as you possibly can to help pass Measure M and be part of the future design of Santa Cruz!   TWO ways to donate:

  1. Online with the DONATE button on:
  1. Or Write a check to: “Yes on M”, and call us to pick it up 831-471-7822 or send the check before Feb. 10 to:  
    Yes on M, PO Box 2191, Santa Cruz, Ca. 95063

Partial List of Supporters:

Gary Patton, Former County Supervisor, Environmental Attorney
Katherine Beiers, Former Mayor
Jane Weed-Pomerantz, Former Mayor
Nell Newman, Founder, Newman’s Own Organics, Environmentalist & Biologist
Rick Longinotti, Author, Right to Vote on Desal Initiative
Joseph S. Quigg, Affordable and Market-rate Housing Developer
Frank Barron, Retired Urban Planner
Keresha Durham-Tamba, Bilingual Educator, Environmental-Climate Activist
Hector Marin-Castro, Santa Cruz City Teacher’s Aid and Service Worker
Susan Monheit, Retired State Water Regulator, Environmental Scientist
Steve Bare, Retired High School Teacher, Military Veteran
Laura Lee, Retired Teacher, Corporate Trainer & Facilitator

I search and critique a variety of movies only from those that are newly released. Choosing from the thousands of classics and older releases would take way too long. And be sure to tune in to those very newest movie reviews live on KZSC 88.1 fm every Friday from about 8:10 – 8:30 am. on the Bushwhackers Breakfast Club program hosted by Dangerous Dan Orange.

(it was at the DEL MAR THEATRE in Sept. 2023, and brand new to HULU now). (6.8 IMDB). Kenneth Branagh
is back with the third in his Hercule Poirot versions of Agatha Christie’s books. Michelle Yeoh and Tina Fey are deadly serious in it too. Branagh moved the plot to Venice in 1947 from Christie’s book “Halloween Party” she first published in 1969. It’s deadly serious, very confusing, and it’s hard to stay interested as Poirot makes his rounds. Not recommended. More than that, three generations of my family watched it last Saturday (12/30) and no one liked it!!

Paul Giamatti is at his very best in this sensitive touching drama of a teacher/guardian at a high class prep school in the 1970’s. His relationship with the boys, one especially is testy, kindly, and nearly unforgettable. He also has out of alignment eyes which he points out. The eyes were false by the way

HOLIDAY IN THE VINEYARDS. (NETFLIX MOVIE) (6.2 IMDB). ** Probably an age gap, but I didn’t get one laugh from this self-titled comedy. A mother tries to raise her two sons and fend off a salesman from a competing winery. Too much mugging, bad acting, and barely amusing.

A regular working class Brit (it’s a British movie) decides to fight the banking establishment and start a small neighborhood bank. He goes against all Brit tradition and actually succeeds! It’s a true story well-acted by Rory Kinnear

THE FAMILY PLAN. (APPLE TV) (6.3 IMDB). ** A big cast with Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Monaghan trying for laughs because it’s listed as a comedy. It all takes place in Buffalo, New York and there’s a lot of former Buffalonians in Santa Cruz. Wahlberg is a former legal and official government assassin trying to raise a family. Nothing great, not the plot which is a century old or the acting.

GWYNETH VS. TERRY (MAX) (5.8 IMDB). *** Just knowing that Gwyneth had amassed a fortune from her Goop makeup world made me curious about what she would be like testifying in court. She and Terry Sanderson, a retired 76 year old Optometrist, collided on the downhill ski slopes in Utah in 2016. The jury declared Sanderson at fault. They both sued each other and it’s at least distracting. Gwyneth is 50 years old and she won one dollar in the settlement.

This semi comedy was filmed between Uruguay and Argentina. A hired housekeeper quits her job and now the head of the household (Norma) has to deal with her two daughters, marijuana, therapy and the rest of her life. Riveting and watchable.

CURRY & CYANIDE. (NETFLIX MOVIE) (7.4 IMDB). ** A documentary from India based on the 2019 “Jolly Joseph” case when a mother was arrested for committing six murders over a 10 year span including her own child! Puzzling, complex and well done. Depressing but watch it.

SPECIAL NOTE….Don’t forget that when you’re not too sure of a plot or need any info on a movie to go to Wikipedia. It lays out the straight/non hype story plus all the details you’ll need including which server (Netflix, Hulu, or PBS) you can find it on. You can also go to and punch in the movie title and read my take on the much more than 100 movies.

WILDERNESS. (PRIME SERIES) (6.3 IMDB). ** There’s this couple in New York City who appear to love each other but she finds out he’s been cheating on her for years and continues to do so even after she confronts him. So it goes on and on with her trying different means of getting revenge. It’s stretched to a series but could have made a neat but troubling movie

ASTEROID CITY. (PRIME MOVIE) (6.6 IMDB). ??? It’s directed by Wes Andersen and has an all-star cast with Tom Hanks, Scarlett Johansson, Bryan Cranston, Edward Norton, and more. Like Andersen’s other films its puzzling, mystical, funny, quixotic, and symbolic of something that you won’t quite be sure of. See it just for fun and forget trying to decode it. And no thumbs rating because it’s in a class by itself.

A more or less lighthearted Belgian series filmed in the city of KNOKKE in Belgium which will remind anybody of Santa Cruz except that KNOKKE is centuries older. It’s about the wealthy class and their relationship with the poorer working class. Not too subtle or even educating. Lots of cocaine, racial digs and downtime.

REACHER. (PRIME SERIES) (8.1 IMDB).  *** The new Reacher star isn’t puny little Tom Cruise anymore it’s a guy named Alan Ritchson and he’s a hulk of a human and they always aim the camera looking up at him to make him even taller and bigger. There’s an aerial murder and Reacher blends into the local police forces special team to find out who’s doing the other killings.

LEAVE THE WORLD BEHIND (NETFLIX MOVIE) (6.5 IMDB). ** An all-star cast with Julie Roberts, Ethan Hawke, Kevin Bacon and especially Mahershala Ali as the well-meaning but silent neighbor. The movie loses tension, there’s too much mugging, and the racial theme isn’t carried out to any new degree. It’s about the class system and how we view our neighbors. Don’t hurry.

THE COVENANT. (PRIME MOVIE) (7.5 IMDB). ** Jake Gyllenhaal and Dar Salim play two Army survivors during the war in 2018 Afghanistan. Jake is an interpreter and Dar is wounded so Jake carries him for miles risking both their lives. It’s slow, predictable and mostly USA propaganda. Don’t bother.


January 1, 2024


On Tuesday January 9th, the Santa Cruz City Council will decide the future of the Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf. The long-bookmarked date of November 28th for the council hearing was changed for reasons not publicly shared. On the 9th, city council will vote on whether to accept the Wharf Master Plan as written by the SF consultants or whether to make changes to the Plan as urged by the community.

The most sought-after changes to the Plan include removing the three forty feet tall new buildings and removing the proposed lowered westside walkway. The walkway is proposed to extend below deck for about 800 feet under the restaurants, visually bisecting the Wharf pilings, impacting migratory birds, and creating a potential public safety hazard from unanticipated sneaker waves. The city claims it will improve public safety and increase the lateral stability of the Wharf. The Final Court ruling in 2022 disagreed, writing that “there is no citation to the record which suggests that regular maintenance, repairs and additional structural support to the existing structure cannot ensure the necessary public safety required of the Wharf under all the forecasted conditions to which it will be exposed.”

The city’s Historic Preservation Commission voted in October to recommend removal of the proposed westside walkway, citing that the “proposed lengthy, highly visible walkway would degrade the visual character of the wharf by introducing an appendage to the wharf that is incompatible with its original historic design.”

If city council is unwilling to remove the western walkway from the Plan, it will have to determine whether its consulting attorneys have provided compelling evidence why Alternative 2, which removes the westside walkway cannot be adopted. The Environmental Impact Report determined that Alternative 2 is the environmentally superior alternative that meets all project objectives. Short of compelling evidence, the Court may again rule against the city.

As the Court noted, the 2014 Engineering Report concluded that the “Wharf structure is in good condition overall.” To make this finding, divers inspected all 4,500 Wharf pilings and produced detailed maps showing which of the pilings needed replacement. It was a relatively small five percent of the total. Most of the ones needing replacement were under the demolished Miramar restaurant and with a federal grant, have since been replaced. That leaves a remaining small percentage awaiting replacement.

The recent high tides and big swells caused some damage to the Wharf. I predict the Wharf Master Plan proponents will exploit the situation to bolster their arguments for adding appendages such as the westside walkway under the guise of “protecting the Wharf” from future storms. In this as in every case, facts are important.

I looked at the storm damage at the end of the Wharf near the Dolphin restaurant. As the photo shows, one of the outside pilings has failed just above the water line, leading to a failure of the narrow pathway above. The piling looks rotten. I then looked at the Engineering Report map of the pilings needing replacement and sure enough, this was one of them. One, or even a few Wharf pilings well documented as needing replacement does not signal a Wharf in danger of failure. By contrast, the Engineering Report found the road and substrate in poor condition and needing replacement. No amount of tall buildings or lowered walkways will fix that need.

Instead of spending millions on an unpopular Wharf Master Plan and consulting attorneys to defend indefensible environmental impact reports, the city would do well to scale back the Plan to one more acceptable to the public by removing the tall buildings and the westside lowered walkway.

If you agree, take five minutes, and write your comment to council before 5pm Monday January 8th to

Gillian Greensite is a long time local activist, a member of Save Our Big Trees and the Santa Cruz chapter of IDA, International Dark Sky Association    Plus she’s an avid ocean swimmer, hiker and lover of all things wild.


January 1


Don’t bother going to Aptos Village Park for a family picnic or to run your dog, because the County Parks Dept. Director Jeff Gaffney continues to allow Swenson Builder the favor of free drainage easement across the lawn, and has left the place in shambles.  Chain-link fence cordons off half of the area, a mud pit, claiming it for “Tree Preservation” under direction of consultant Arborist Kurt Fouts.   831-359-3607 or email:

Parks maintenance staff shake their heads when asked what is happening…

Please contact Jeff Gaffney <> and ask why Swenson is getting away with destroying a popular people’s park without consequence.

and in the meantime…Phase 2 of the Aptos Village Project goes up…without erosion control and onsite-stormwater retention measures in place.




Becky Steinbruner is a 30+ year resident of Aptos. She has fought for water, fire, emergency preparedness, and for road repair. She ran for Second District County Supervisor in 2016 on a shoestring and got nearly 20% of the votes. She ran again in 2020 on a slightly bigger shoestring and got 1/3 of the votes.

Email Becky at


January 1

Grey is still in Ecuador and will be back in a few weeks.

Grey Hayes is a fervent speaker for all things wild, and his occupations have included land stewardship with UC Natural Reserves, large-scale monitoring and strategic planning with The Nature Conservancy, professional education with the Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve, and teaching undergraduates at UC Santa Cruz. Visit his website at:

Email Grey at


December 29, 2023

#363 / COP Out?

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COP28 was a worldwide gathering of national leaders, who came together from November 1st to December 12th, this year, under the auspices of the United Nations. The purpose of COP28 was to allow the nations of the world to discuss how we might, acting together, literally, “save the world,” given the indubitable threat posed to human civilization, and to the biological integrity of Planet Earth, by the continued combustion of hydrocarbon fuels.

Make no mistake, we need, urgently, to stop burning fossil fuels. That will not be easy! However, that is what we should be trying to do. That is what is demanded of us (and by “us,” I mean every human being alive today, and every government now in existence).

Holding COP28 in Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, a nation whose existence is premised on a world economy based on the continued use of fossil fuels, and a nation which is defying the idea that our human civilization must conform itself to the “laws” that govern the “World of Nature,” should indicate that the nations that say they care about global warming (practically all of them) are deeply enmeshed in what must be recognized as a mammoth case of “cognitive dissonance.”

You can click right here to read an article from The New York Times (paywall permitting) that indicates that some people, at least, are getting tired of the 28-year charade that suggests that we “really, really, care” about global warming, but just can’t see our way clear to doing anything very effective about it.

The fact that the President of the United States has not been willing to say that we must stop burning hydrocarbon fuels has not gone unnoticed. The United States is the world’s second-largest producer of CO2, the “greenhouse gas” that is causing the most problems. Granted that China emits more CO2 than the United States does, that must be related to the fact that the population of China is 1.4 billion people, compared to the United States’ population of 335 million. This means that China’s population is almost four times our population, if I have done the math right. Per capita, the United States is way out in front of the parade of those nations that are burning their way towards the end of the world.

If COP28 is not going to be a “Cop Out,” which means, using the dictionary definition just linked, “to avoid doing something that you should do or that you have promised to do because you are frightened …, or you think it is too difficult,” something has to change.

Let’s all admit that we are frightened, and that we are afraid that stopping our combustion of hydrocarbon fuels may be “too difficult.” Ok. Admitted.

But we still have to do it! Let’s consider that our New Year, upcoming, can be (and I’d say, “must be”) the year in which we stop “copping out.”

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Gary Patton is a former Santa Cruz County Supervisor (20 years) and an attorney for individuals and community groups on land use and environmental issues. The opinions expressed are Mr. Patton’s. You can read and subscribe to his daily blog at

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January 1


Rudy Giuliani hardly has any reason to welcome the rollover into 2024. After a devastating 2023 where he was thrashed about by the courts for his collusion with former President ‘Stinky,’ losing badly in Georgia to the suits filed by poll workers Moss and Freeman for whom he will have to labor until the end of time to pay the damages awarded…bankruptcy notwithstanding. Now, Robert Harrington in his Palmer Report post reminds us that a 2002 honorary knighthood, bestowed upon ‘America’s Mayor’ by Queen Elizabeth II, for his ‘heroism’ following the events on 9/11 is in jeopardy. The queen would be beside herself as she reexamines the ceremonial sword for sharpness…if she were still with us…for being duped following a few emotional speeches by the attention-seeking mayor of NYC. Being a Knight of the British Empire is a distinguished honorific, but because he isn’t a British citizen, he can’t be addressed as ‘Sir Rudy.’ Can we imagine how the judges in our courts system might be expected to kowtow to his KBE title? Sir Rudy, indeed! We can only be thankful that Trump was never so honored since QEII quietly hated his guts! Harrington says, “So what? When people revert to Rudy Giuliani as ‘America’s Mayor’ they do so with a certain acid sarcasm anyway. A dumpster by any other name would smell as foul.”

Harrington goes on, “So who cares? Well, I do for one. I want to strip him of all honors. I want to hurt and humiliate him further, because he’s evil, and because he’s unseemly in his boastfulness about 9/11. As President Biden once so famously put it, everything about Rudy boils down to three things, ‘A noun, a verb, and 9/11.'” Robert wants the British government to take away his KBE “before he dies in the infamy, penury, and universal contempt he so richly deserves.” Since the British have a committee for everything, in this case, the ‘forfeiture committee,’ a procedure for relieving Mr. G of his shiny trinket exists. If a person is convicted of a crime for which he is sentenced to three or more years in prison…POOF!…no KBE! Should Rudy expire before this can be accomplished…double POOF!…no more Rudy, no more KBE. As a former resident of New York City, now residing in England, Harrington continues, and concludes, his vindictiveness with, “So, for what it’s worth, for next Christmas, among other things, I’d like to see Rudy in prison and stripped of his KBE. It’s a small thing, I know, but after having to endure vicarious abuse for years at the hands of this toxic, hateful, psychotic little bastard, it is a thing much to be desired.” Tell us what you REALLY think, Mr. Harrington!

Soon to be awarded the Melania Trump ‘I really don’t care. Do U?’ jacket is Nikki Haley…to cover her Stars and Bars t-shirt, of course. Her molasses-coated ‘surge’ in the presidential polls headed in the opposite direction after her ill-conceived answer about the origins of the American Civil War during a recent town hall event in Berlin, NH. Turning her back on the questioner to collect her thoughts, while feeling she had been broadsided with an unfair query, she came back with a mouthful of ‘states rights and freedoms’ gobbledygook which at least satisfied some of the MAGAts in attendance. But the final blow came when she was given the coup de grace…“Why did you not mention slavery?” The deer-caught-in-the-headlights expression told it all, when she could only respond with a question, “What do you want me to say about slavery?” The questioner, removing his sword, reposted, “You’ve answered my question.” The barrage of criticisms began immediately, and after an all-nighter of reading some history books, Haley tried to salvage her faux pas by saying essentially, “Everybody knows it was about slavery…that’s a given.” Unless you’re trying to rewrite an ugly history, Nikki! Say ‘hello’ to Ron DeSantis on your way down…he’s in the Campaign Deathwatch Lobby! Next?

And who can forget Governor Ron’s claim that “some enslaved people developed skills that ‘could be applied for their personal benefit'”? Haley’s attempt to court independent and moderate voters in her campaign resulted in outrageous fallout after her ‘slavery’ mishap. The GOP Big Three leaders in the presidential campaign have distorted our history and the racial question in such provocative and polarizing fashion, all of which have stoked outrage with some; but their rhetoric has appeal to conservatives who resent the liberal point of view that we should atone for past sins, especially as we see cultural shifts due to immigration. The rest of the world has moved on, but the GOP find the changes unnerving. A biracial Colin Kaepernick taking a knee to protest police brutality as the national anthem plays? Or NASCAR doing away with the Confederate Stars and Bars flag, flown prominently at their races for years? And what about Governor Nikki Haley removing the Confederate flag from the South Carolina State House in 2015, following the racist massacre at a Black church Bible study? What is this world coming to? Which of you are still watching a black and white TV, receiving less than ten channels, with aluminum foil on the rabbit ears antenna?

During her campaigning in Iowa, Haley mentioned the flag removal event, as she described her role in understanding both sides of the issue as she sought consensus. She explained that 50% in her state saw the Stars and Bars as heritage and tradition, with 50% seeing only slavery and hate. Her job was not in judging either side. “Leaders aren’t supposed to decide who’s right or wrong or good or bad…what a leader does is know where people are, and communicate their way forward to get to a better place,” she says. However, she began her campaign with a speech declaring, “America is not a racist country,” emphasizing her caution and her tendency to stay on script for the GOP…and perhaps some MAGAts. “She’s a fear-driven candidate. She’s so afraid of offending somebody in the base that she goes to the word-salad thing,” says Republican strategist Mike Murphy. A search of her past comments drew parallels to the present, where in a 2010 statement she described the Civil War as a fight between “tradition” and “change.” Opponent Chris Christie attacked this comment as a warning to voters to avoid candidates who are “afraid of offending people who support Donald Trump. The Civil War was not a choice between change and tradition. It was a choice between right and wrong and that’s it. And we’ve got to stand on the side of right”

Haley’s state of South Carolina was the first state to secede from the US in 1860, and the first to take up arms against the North. Haley can’t write that out of the history books, nor can she be unaware that preservation of slavery was paramount in that history. The November 3, 1860 issue of the Charleston Mercury printed: “The issue before the country is the extinction of slavery. No man of common sense, who has observed the progress of events, and who is not prepared to surrender the institution, with the safety and independence of the South, can doubt that the time for action has come – now or never. The Southern States are now in crisis fo their fate; and, if we read aright the signs of the times, nothing is needed for our deliverance, but that the ball of revolution be set in motion. The existence of slavery is at stake. The evils of submission are too terrible for us to risk them, from vague fears of failure, or a jealous distrust of our sister Cotton States.”  Then, the dominoes start to fall.

It’s a relief to see the Holidays disappear for another year, and certainly we were all buoyed by Trump’s inspiring Christmas message rants calling out “Crooked Joe Biden” and “Deranged Jack Smith” and others who are “looking to destroy our once great USA. MAY THEY ROT IN HELL, AGAIN, MERRY CHRISTMAS!” Of course, his verbiage was more extensive than the above, but who needs it? Quite a contest to Biden’s “Today, may the light of the first Christmas illuminate your homes, warm your hearts, and kindle your hopes for the years to come. From the Biden family, we wish you and your family a peaceful and healthy holiday.” And, rightfully, #Trumpsmells is proliferating. Jingle bells, Donald smells, Melania laid an egg…or something like that.

Recently, Home Alone 2 director, Chris Columbus, divulged that Trump forced his way into a cameo in his movie, as a bribe to allow use of Trump Tower as one of the film’s locations. Trump responded to Chris by saying he was “very busy, and didn’t want to do” a cameo, but that his appearance led to the movie’s success. Done laughing? Bill Palmer, in his The Palmer Report, writes, “In reality, decent people everywhere are trying to distance themselves from Donald Trump more thoroughly than ever. He’s a domestic terrorist who tried to overthrow the US government and stole classified documents, and he’s awaiting criminal trial for all of it. Of course the director of Home Alone 2 wants nothing to do with him. Macaulay Culkin, star of Home Alone and Home Alone 2, has previously called for Trump’s cameo to be removed.” Alright, Mac! Get those paint cans and Hot Wheels ready! Almost as satisfying as watching Rudy lose a KBE!

Happy New Year!

Dale Matlock, a Santa Cruz County resident since 1968, is the former owner of The Print Gallery, a screenprinting establishment. He is an adherent of The George Vermosky school of journalism, and a follower of too many news shows, newspapers, and political publications, and a some-time resident of Moloka’i, Hawaii, U.S.A., serving on the Board of Directors of Kepuhi Beach Resort. Email:


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    “New Years”

“Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life.”
~Robin Sharma

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are.”
~J.P. Morgan

“And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been.”
~Rainer Maria Rilke


If you know me at all, you know that I have an obse^H^H^H^H fascination with WWII. I stumbled across this video today – apparently the Eagle’s Nest (Hitler’s home in Obersalzberg) is now a restaurant! I’m not even sure how to feel about this… I mean, the historical significance is undebatable, but… I don’t know, judge for yourselves 🙂 And check out Mark Felton’s other videos on his channel!

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